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Cloud-based customer service for the small business

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff 09 of February 2017

We have covered the benefits of cloud-based contacts centers vs. call centers. We have also reviewed how the former is generally more cost-effective and mobile. Are there cases where a traditional ...

Free e-book: The Customer Knows Best And So Do You

Customer service is changing. Today’s customer demands instant response times and accurate information. The use of A.I. like chatbots is starting to become the norm. A plethora of self-service ...

Data Analysis and Customer Service

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff 17 of November 2016

Data analysis in customer service is a topic that we have lightly touched upon. Here, we will go into more detail. We will explore different types of data analysis, and show you how it adds yet ...

Optimal Help Desk Solutions for the SMB

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff 25 of October 2016

We’ve covered the help desk in detail. We’ve shown you why you need an integrated help desk, and what it can do for your larger CRM. Now, we’ll dive into the optimal help desk model for small and ...

Mobile Apps and Customer Service

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff 11 of October 2016

Twenty years ago, mobile phones were a rarity. They were bulky, cumbersome and limited at best. The thought of utilizing them for customer service was laughable.

Know Your Response Times

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff 22 of September 2016

Response times make a big difference, and there’s real data to back that up. Every customer that reaches out for service wants their issue solved fast.

Superior Customer Service: The Path to Business Growth

Customer service is more complex today than ever before. Cloud-based contact centers have offered businesses the perfect solution for the ongoing challenges of customer service. The realm of ...