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6 Essential Qualities of the Best Customer Service Reps

Acquire and retain more customers with an outstanding customer service team

4 Keys To Delivering Outstanding Customer Service

Customer service improves customer retention and boosts your bottom line. Here’s how to win the customer service game:

Trends that Disrupted Customer Service in 2018

Keeping up with trends that revolutionized the customer service industry

How You Can Implement AI to Enhance Your Customer Service Today

What does AI look like in today’s customer service world?

The Impact of AI and the Empathy Economy on the Customer Experience

Why you should reinvent your organization to take advantage of the best of digital and human capabilities

Why you should use Facebook Messenger on your website

In May, I wrote about why Facebook Messenger will be the ideal platform for tomorrow's customer service. As of November 30, 2017, Facebook opened its chat plugin for Messenger to its own websites. ...

Why Chatbots are the Secret Ingredient

Customer Service Eivind Jonassen 29 of November 2017

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a service that automates your interactions with your audience and customers. By using rules or even artificial intelligence to some degree, it lets you interact ...

Cost-effective customer service software that optimizes your budget

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff 26 of February 2017

How much will it cost?

Customer Service Skills: What You Need To Master

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff 22 of February 2017

In this post, we will dive deeper into the realm of customer service and explore some specific skills. Our last post detailed how to talk to customers, and included points on attitude control and ...

The Gift of Gab: How To Talk And Be Nice To Customers

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff 21 of February 2017

Customer service is a skill. Some industry veterans may even argue that it is an art, similar to sales. Whatever the case, like any skill it requires time, experience, and an unwavering ...