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Customer Experience: Top Resources To Design the Best Strategy For Your Business

Deliver the best CX with these tools and resources to acquire and retain more customers.

First-time Response And First-time Resolution: What You Need To Know

How to prioritize your channels to provide top-notch customer support.

Employee Morale: The Hidden Secret to a High NPS

Not sure how to increase your NPS? Check out your employee morale rate for a hint!

“Kids these days don’t understand the meaning of the word loyalty,” my grandfather would say as he boasted about ...

This is what you need to know about omnichannel customer support

Create a seamless customer experience to boost your revenue

5 Ways to Enhance the Customer Experience

Read through this list of helpful tips on how to optimize any products and services to satisfy today’s consumers.

Why you should use Facebook Messenger on your website

In May, I wrote about why Facebook Messenger will be the ideal platform for tomorrow's customer service. As of November 30, 2017, Facebook opened its chat plugin for Messenger to its own websites. ...

Why Chatbots are the Secret Ingredient

Customer Service Eivind Jonassen 29 of November 2017

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a service that automates your interactions with your audience and customers. By using rules or even artificial intelligence to some degree, it lets you interact ...

5 Reasons You Should be Talking About Shared Inboxes

Help Desk Eivind Jonassen 22 of June 2017

Workers spend more than 4 hours a day checking email. Email isn’t dead. According to Adobe Digital Insight’s, time spent with email is up 28% since last year.

Chatbots, A.I. and Self-Service: How to Integrate and Offer Support Day or Night

Chatbot Nicholas McAuliff 25 of April 2017

Ever heard of chatbots?

Deliver a Quality Customer Experience

SaaS Nicholas McAuliff 22 of March 2017

The customer experience, or direct interaction a customer has with your company, determines whether said customer returns. This has the largest impact on your overall bottom line. Therefore, ...