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Nicholas McAuliff

Nicholas McAuliff
Nicholas has a background in SaaS and customer service solutions. As a member of our writing team, he informs and educates others about a variety of smart contact center solutions and strategies.

Chatbots, A.I. and Self-Service: How to Integrate and Offer Support Day or Night

Chatbot Nicholas McAuliff 25 of April 2017

Ever heard of chatbots?

Deliver a Quality Customer Experience

SaaS Nicholas McAuliff 22 of March 2017

The customer experience, or direct interaction a customer has with your company, determines whether said customer returns. This has the largest impact on your overall bottom line. Therefore, ...

Pay-As-You-Go, Cancel, Upgrade and More with a Cloud-Based Solution

SaaS Nicholas McAuliff 15 of March 2017

You are looking for a solution that works fast, and offers flexibility. You want a solution that gives you options, but doesn’t tie you down. You want a solution that lets you scale as you wish, ...

Cost-effective customer service software that optimizes your budget

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff 26 of February 2017

How much will it cost?

Customer Service Skills: What You Need To Master

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff 22 of February 2017

In this post, we will dive deeper into the realm of customer service and explore some specific skills. Our last post detailed how to talk to customers, and included points on attitude control and ...

The Gift of Gab: How To Talk And Be Nice To Customers

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff 21 of February 2017

Customer service is a skill. Some industry veterans may even argue that it is an art, similar to sales. Whatever the case, like any skill it requires time, experience, and an unwavering ...

Cloud-based customer service for the small business

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff 09 of February 2017

We have covered the benefits of cloud-based contacts centers vs. call centers. We have also reviewed how the former is generally more cost-effective and mobile. Are there cases where a traditional ...

Free e-book: The Customer Knows Best And So Do You

Customer service is changing. Today’s customer demands instant response times and accurate information. The use of A.I. like chatbots is starting to become the norm. A plethora of self-service ...

Data Analysis and Customer Service

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff 17 of November 2016

Data analysis in customer service is a topic that we have lightly touched upon. Here, we will go into more detail. We will explore different types of data analysis, and show you how it adds yet ...

Optimal Help Desk Solutions for the SMB

Customer Service Nicholas McAuliff 25 of October 2016

We’ve covered the help desk in detail. We’ve shown you why you need an integrated help desk, and what it can do for your larger CRM. Now, we’ll dive into the optimal help desk model for small and ...