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8 Reasons Not to Invest in Customer Experience

Customer Experience Eivind Jonassen 21 of September 2018

A Contrarian’s Guide to Avoiding Innovation and Growth

Trends that Disrupted Customer Service in 2018

Keeping up with trends that revolutionized the customer service industry

How You Can Implement AI to Enhance Your Customer Service Today

What does AI look like in today’s customer service world?

The Impact of AI and the Empathy Economy on the Customer Service Experience

Why you should reinvent your organization to take advantage of the best of digital and human capabilities

These 3 Reasons Explain Why Omnichannel Sucks

Here’s why your omni-efforts are failing your business.

10 Funny Customer Experience Cartoons

Lessons Learned Through Laughter

Customer Experience: Top Resources To Design the Best Strategy For Your Business

Deliver the best CX with these tools and resources to acquire and retain more customers.

First-time Response And First-time Resolution: What You Need To Know

How to prioritize your channels to provide top-notch customer support.

Employee Morale: The Hidden Secret to a High NPS

Not sure how to increase your NPS? Check out your employee morale rate for a hint!

“Kids these days don’t understand the meaning of the word loyalty,” my grandfather would say as he boasted about ...

This is what you need to know about omnichannel customer support

Create a seamless customer experience to boost your revenue